Categories and Criteria

The EDA 2020 competition will be broken into 4 smaller competitions throughout the year:

  • Q1 – Coastal Collection – Submission opens February 14 and closes March 16
  • Q2 – Zonavita – Submission opens May 15 and closes June 15
  • Q3 – Bathrooms – Submission opens August 17 and closes September 14
  • Q4 – Open Category/People’s Choice – Submission opens November 9 and closes November 27

Selecting the appropriate category

  • Coastal Collection: The project(s) should contain at least one of our Coastal collection colours in any applicable wood species. Bonfire Smoke, Dusk, Foam, Mist, Morning Coffee, Rattan, Reef, Sand Bar and Sea Glass.
  • Zonavita: The project(s) should be constructed utilizing Zonavita products only or account for at least 90% of the project when mixed with other Decor line of cabinets.
  • Bathrooms: Any bathroom design is eligible to enter this category.
  • Open Category: Any other project that uses Decor cabinetry in its totality.

Note: Projects may be moved to an alternate category, as deemed appropriate by the judging panel.


The competition entries will be scored on the following general criteria:


Only one winner per category will be selected with a maximum of two awards per year that can be won.

Statement Guidelines

Creating a concise, effective design statement will help ensure that the judges have a good understanding of your project.

Your design statement can be a written short narrative (no more than 1250 characters), a comprehensive bulleted list, or a combination of both describing your kitchen design. Tell us about your client and their needs, outline the objectives and describe the design challenges and special requirements you encountered and how you solved those challenges. Include details on styling, innovative techniques or product usage. Highlight design elements that are unique or memorable.

Statements should not include any identifying client name, business or location information.

Please provide any additional information needed to accurately convey your project.