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Alana Loranger from Towne and Countree Kitchens, Edmonton Alberta

Project Hers & His

In 2007 after working in custom tile for 14 years, Alana left the tile industry and jumped feet first into cabinetry, something that she knew nothing about. It was a rough couple years as the learning curve for her was huge! 3 years ago, Alana made the move to Towne and Countree Kitchens where they had further opportunities and an incredibly strong team.

Alana states “I’ve made all the mistakes and I still can’t believe how many variables there can be on site. I am a self-proclaimed kitchen nerd, and always find myself wanting to try new things or details. I love simplified spaces with some serious attention seeking details. When done successfully it’s those details that become your signature and you know it’s the only way it should be done. “ 

Alana Loranger, Towne and Countree Kitchens, Edmonton Alberta

HERS AND HIS by Alana Loranger

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Photographer is Merle Prosofsky


Open concept brought to a new level. The ensuite design created a divider between the sleeping quarters and vanity area. A true Hers and his where his sink is in the back, and hers is in the forefront with ample storage, and make up area. A place to put all the things away is imperative in contemporary design. Both offer pantry storage where all the clutter can be kept behind doors. All heights were based off of the sink height and Her sink was moved to the side to allow for a wider make up station.








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